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Linen the dream

It’s both exhilarating and daunting in equal measure to have found ourselves in a position where we are now known for our linen. It means anticipation is high and excitement is in full force as we go headlong into the new season! You'll be pleased to see that for Spring/ Summer 2024 we have introduced some new linen fabrics to the collection. We now offer 3 different types of linen - our lightweight linen, stonewashed linen and our to-die-for Cinnamon Check Linen, a weightier weave with the most divine hang. We're obsessed!

Linen has always been a fabric that works with our ethos here at Kate Barton. Firstly, its ecological value is second to none - some even say it may be the most sustainable fabric out there. The flax plant, from which the fibers are used in linen production, is a naturally pest-resistant, drought tolerant and regenerative crop. Flax fiber is also extremely durable, and with proper care can last for years to come. A big plus when trying to create garments that work from season to season and are with you for life. And, as a fully biodegradable fabric, when it does eventually naturally break down, there's no impact on the environment.  

It’s interesting that linen is so synonymous with the warmer weather. We disagree. Why save such a wonderful fabric for occasional summer use only? We adore linen year round and ours certainly never gets packed away with the shorts. It’s a wonderfully versatile fabric layered up for the cooler months, yet naturally perfectly at home in the heat. Creasing is something that bothers some, but we love that relaxed feel and with the right washing and quick air drying, a few wrinkles never did anyone any harm.  

Being hypoallergenic and with antibacterial properties, linen is also perfect for allergy prone skin. Moisture absorption means that clothes stay fresher for longer, therefore requiring less frequent washing. Not forgetting that linen is also moth resistant, again, supporting the longevity of the life of your garments.  

Here at Kate Barton we use European flax fibers – grown in both France and Belgium. The raw fibers are sent directly to India where the fibers are twisted to form the linen yarns used in the manufacture of our garments. 

We've used the same mills in India since the business was formed and we've got fantastic partners we rely on to produce the linen we've become known for. We hope you enjoy the new linen pieces in the collection.