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Fashion Confidence

Don't shy away...

As we get older I often wonder at what point we start questioning ourselves when it comes to style and clothing choices - 'am I too old for this?', 'is it appropriate?', 'am I mutton dressed as lamb?' 

I may have asked myself those questions at times, but I think the degree to which we lose our style confidence depends on the individual. If I'm honest, personally, I want to retain my personality and my love of wearing fun clothes despite my age. I don't want to feel frumpy wearing a navy suit or a beige knitted cardigan. Please no!

I remember my mother's words "Darling, you mustn't wear a sleeveless dress over the age of 40." Due to my slightly rebellious nature I suppose, those words are exactly why I do love a sleeveless dress, whatever age. Of course we all know that as we age our bodies change, but the notion of not wearing a sleeveless dress because of wobbly arms and bat wings, equates to wearing a paper bag over my head to avoid showing my wrinkles! It's madness.

I firmly believe in not shying away as changes happen - celebrate them. We're lucky to grow old. Plenty of people don't get the chance. Yes we may have lumps and bumps, but that's us. I design clothes that give confidence - whether that be via a bold pattern, a fit that covers up potential issue areas, or details that you might not expect. It's not about whether it's appropriate for your age, it's about whether it works for you and your personality.  

I'm not saying reinvent yourself, although heck, do, if you fancy it! I'm actually saying continue on your style journey, wherever that level may be. For some it might be full head to toe in pattern, dripping with accessories. For others it may be pockets of personality injected here and there - think lime green glasses with a black ensemble. Simple, but statement and comfortable if that's your level.  

I actually think the switch to 'safe' outfit choices is partly to blame in our appearing to be piling on the years. Put it this way, if I saw a 90 year old in our Sophia Dress in Utopia print, I'd literally think - wow, what an absolute babe!  

Continue on your journey. Don't become invisible.

Lots of love Kate x

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