KBD is rooted in the strong belief that a beautiful product isn’t only a physical object, it’s a whole story. Every stage of our design process is highly considered: from the inception of a garment, to minimising sampling or over producing and using recycled water in our dying and printing process. All our dyes are Azo-free. We are continually exploring the use of innovative, eco-friendly fabrics and are passionate in exploring the life cycle of a garment. 


All our clothes are manufactured at suppliers in India within communities where welfare is highly valued. During the Covid pandemic, all employees were vaccinated and benefit from paid medical care. Strict sanitation protocol is adhered to in the workplace.

We work closely with a small group of family run suppliers with whom we value our long-standing relationship and which allows us to guarantee the quality of our products. 

This Spring/ Summer, we have chosen Rayon for all our prints, a natural breathable material created from wood pulp which is easy to care for and we are working hard to ensure that all cottons we use are organic ones. We are constantly striving to do better.

Transparency and traceability are important to us, as are using more deadstock fabrics, recyclable fastenings and creating clothes which don’t end up in landfill. 

Print Designer

Iris Print

We worked with the talented Claire De Quentain on our Iris Print collection. Claire is a painter who takes her inspiration from nature and gardens where she finds a variety of colours, shapes and movement. These references lead to her personal expression of painted marks. She aims at creating natural atmospheres for interiors.